Sue S'dai, I am Sophoan.

I can teach you English Khmer

Khmer Kemara Pheasa is the place where you can improve your Khmer speaking. Speak like a native speaker. Learn about the culture.

About the Cambodian language

Khmer is the official language of Cambodia and one of the major languages of Southeast Asia. It is spoken by fifteen million people in Cambodia and nearly three million more outside Cambodia.

Khmer is a non-tonal but has vowel distinctions not found in English, its grammar is uncomplicated, with neither verb conjugations nor noun declensions, and is not unlike that of English.

Khmer classes are now in session

Whether you plan to stay in Cambodia for a week, for a year, or forever, I can help you. From a morning’s crash course and survival guide to regular study over a period of several months, I can provide a Khmer language tuition scheme tailor-made for your requirements at a time and place to suit you.

Learning the Cambodian language will help you to speak and understand the locals and will also give you insights into the country’s customs and culture.

Learn to read & write Khmer language

The writing system in Khmer looks very different then English, French or any romanticzided language. However, the good thing is that it’s phonetic and thus actually easily to learn how to spell and pronounce the words.

There are 33 simple consonants and 24 vowels in the Cambodian writing system. Learning to read and write the Khmer language can improve you to give you the 100% correct sound. Since the English – or romanticzided transliteration – only can give you about 80%.

Khmer Skype Lessons

Do you want to study Khmer before you come over to Cambodia? Khmer Kemara Pheasa now offers online Khmer Skype lessons. The lessons are about 60 minutes long. We encourage our new Khmer students to sign up for two lessons a week during a period of six months. However this is entirely up to the student.

Khmer Kemara Phaesa

English lessons for Khmer natives

Our English beginners lessons cover the basics of English – finding your way around, shopping and eating, buying things at the market, visiting Siem Reap, and finding jobs.

Improve your English

Our conversational English courses are dedicated to helping you improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and confidence when speaking English.


I have tried to take language classes for a while and just never got a lot out of it. Private classes with Sophoan finally got me there. Highly recommended.
- Jori Carlson -
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Thank you so much for all the help. Learned so much, so quickly.
- Leigh Childs -
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Thank you so much for giving me the sheer joy of being able to learn and communicate with the local people here. It has helped me immensely at my work, travels, and everyday life. I cannot recommend Sophoan enough!
- Lika Sasaki -
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The most helpful, and lessons are always a blast. Learn the casual Khmer you'll actually use, not the formal 'by the book' language that you'll never hear on the street. Or, learn whatever you'd like because Sophoan tailors her lessons to you!
- Hannah Najjar -
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Sophoan is an incredible, caring, nurturing teacher. She genuinely cares about each of her students, even volunteering her time for local Cambodians who are working to advance their careers in the hospitality industry.
- Adam Fransisco -
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This girl had teached me a lot of Khmer skills, I am now even trying to learn to read and write the Cambodian language.
- Pascal Calebout -
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